Coordination: The Rosendale Street Festival, Since 2007 and Co-Chair since 2013.

Occupy Peace – presented by the Trends Institute, September 2015 in Kingston, New York.

Esoteric Quest Conferences in Europe. 9 international conferences since 1998 including Wales, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Sicily, France and Catalonia. – presented by The New York Open Center.

The Art of Dying Conferences – 4 conferences since 1996 Co-sponsored by The Tibet House and The New York Open Center.

A Teach-In on Technology and Globalization – Co-sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization and The New York Open Center, held at Hunter College. Headline presenters included Jeremy Rifkin, Vandana Shiva, Jerry Mander, David Suzuki and Satish Kumar.

Re-Imagining Politics at the New Millennium – A three-day conference with 250+ speakers, with five locations including Riverside Church, Columbia University, and Bank Street College.

The Art of Birthing – 3 conferences since 1997 produced by The New York Open Center. Presented at The New York Academy of Medicine.

Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Economic Globalization – A daylong teach-in at Cooper Union and broadcast live on WBAI.

Production: Eco-Metropolis – Two 2-day conferences at the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC.

Bioneers NYC – This event was a satellite broadcast from the annual Bioneers conference in CA. The event also featured assorted workshops featuring leaders in the NY eco-community.

Production Management: The Global Women’s Gathering – A week-long event at The Menla Mountain Retreat Center featuring indigenous women elders from around the world together with western women elders, including Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Wilma Mankiller and Carol Moseley Braun. This event led to the creation of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and was the initial location for the full-length film: “For the Next 7 Generations: the Grandmothers Speak.”

Longevity and Optimal Health- Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives – Co-sponsored by Columbia Integrative Medicine Program and The Tibet House, this four-day event featured His Holiness the Fourteenth Dali Lama.

Faculty Coordination: Omega Institute Conferences in Seattle and Boston.


Pope Benedict XVI Mass at Yankee Stadium (assistant stage manager and decor).

The Small Planet Fund’s annual Gala and Auction (silent and online).

The Annual Gala Award Dinner for The New York Open Center (1998 to 2008).

The Rosendale Theatre Gala 2014 to present.

Wildcat Epic 100, 2013  — One hundred mile mountain bike race that finished at Williams Lake, Rosendale, NY.

Williams Lake Classic Mountain Bike Race 2011 to present.

Green Materials and Services Expo, SUNY New Paltz 2014 to present.

Westminster Dog Show Gala Celebration, Manhattan Ballroom stage manager and décor assistant (2008).

Tibet House US Benefit Auction at Christies (2005 to 2012).

The Gauntlet, an interactive process based in NYC that gives entrepreneurs seven minutes to present their business models to a range of investors, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.


Spirit – the Seventh Fire Lodge, a program of the Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

Cooper Productions, Boston, MA, Talent Management.

From All Walks of Life, a 10K AIDS Walk in Boston, MA. Coordinated 35 musical groups to perform along the route of the walk as well as produced a song with all groups performing at the closing event.

Wrote and directed industrials for Pizzeria Uno and United Asset Management.

Created all live in-store promos for The Maui Chip.

Provided talent for events at The Prudential Tower and South Station in Boston, MA.


Coordination of dozens of retreats with esteemed faculty members including Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Rodney Yee and Dr. Yeshe Donden.