While studying on the west coast of Ireland, Carrie learned a very important lesson: “When people die they are not truly gone until you stop telling their stories.” Taking this healing adage to heart, she creates special ceremonies for you to celebrate the life of your loved one who has passed away. From “church friendly” to the outrageously unconventional, you can count on Carrie to design a ceremony that will celebrate your loved one.


If you are moving into a new home, Carrie will design a personalized ritual for you to “clear the space” and celebrate your new abode. If you are moving and want to attract the right buyer, a ritual may be the perfect thing for you to infuse your home with positive energy.


Carrie has created rituals to bless new businesses, including theater openings and new restaurants. She has also created rituals for employees of companies to help them meet their goals, strengthen team building and celebrate accomplishments.


Baby Blessings are wonderful opportunities to welcome your little one into the world and can take place before or after the birth. Blessingways are rituals to honor the mother-to-be or parents-to-be as they prepare for the journey into parenthood. A Blessingway is a wonderful addition to a traditional baby shower. Carrie will work with you to closely craft a ceremony that is personal and heart-warming.


Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding special events and milestones. Some rites of passage include:

  • Coming of Age Ceremonies
  • Celebrating Holidays from Around The World
  • Celebrating Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • The End of a Relationship
  • A New Job
  • Retirement


Carrie has worked with many groups, including high school students and women in homeless shelters, creating such rituals as Every Day is Earth Day, Celebrating the Divine Feminine, Using the Four Elements to Celebrate Life, and Celebrating the Seasons of the Year. Perhaps you have an idea of a ritual or ceremony that is not mentioned here. Contact Carrie: Carrie@ and she would be happy to help you design your event.